Concreteworks collaborated with Kreysler and Associates, and artists Eduardo Pineda and Joaquin Newman to create the “Codex to the Future” tiles in the outdoor amphitheater at the REACH Ashland Youth Center near San Lorenzo, Ca.

The project came about when Eduardo and Joaquin won a competition which funded the art installation through the Alameda County Arts Commission. The center is located in an unincorporated community between San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Castro Valley.

The idea and inspiration for the installation was to create tiles that consisted of a “universal visual language” made up of images similar to hieroglyphics, that could tell a story about the community for generations to come. The language was created by local youth and their families, in partnership with the artists, Eduardo and Joaquin.

Concreteworks, in collaboration with Kreysler and Associates, fabricated a mold of the tiles and cast them in concrete to be placed around the amphitheater.

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Tiles for "Codex to the Future"




A public opening will be held at the REACH Ashland Youth Center Saturday, June 1, 2013

16335 E. 14th Street, San Leandro CA 94578

“Codex to the Future” is:
1.     From the Collection of the County of Alameda commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission on behalf of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors specifically for REACH Ashland Youth Center.
2.     This artwork is part of the Alameda County Public Art Collection. It was commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission on behalf of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors specifically for REACH Ashland Youth Center. 



November 16, 2010

This giant 2,500 lb. block is a visual calendar of our most recent work – modeled in scrap concrete.  We custom fabricate each piece and usually have a little extra material left over, which we contain onsite instead of throwing away.

The irregular horizontal pattern looks like a grade school model of the earth’s crust – and similar to a geological sample, these blocks measure our manufacturing process over time.  Each block tells a unique color history and is approximately 4’x4’x2′.  The pure unfinished qualities of the block make them aesthetically interesting and they’re sustainable.

We are currently filling a mold that can be used as planter.  Contact us if you’d like to use Concreteworks MetaBlocks -short for metamorphic, for a backyard project or urban parklet.

photo by Sally Kuchar

photo by Sally Kuchar

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Nido at Montalvo

October 13, 2010

Montalvo Art Center is a private non-profit art center located on a 175 acre estate in Saratoga, CA with a historic villa, two theaters, art gallery, hiking trails, gardens and an artist in residency center.  Its mission is to foster community engagement through the creation and presentation of multidisciplinary art.  Every year the center invites 15 different artists to stay for 12 months to produce works and give performances to the public.

In addition to musicians, painters, actors, writers and architects, the center awards a culinary fellowship to an emerging chef with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and cuisine.  For a year, the resident is given a nurturing space to explore his or her culinary interests – while cooking for the other artists in residency five nights a week.  Michelle Fuerst just finished her year-long residency as the culinary fellow, but before leaving, proposed that the center obtain a wood-burning oven – a cooking device which embodies the values of slow food.  Cooking with a wood fire creates a type of ritual around cooking, highlighting the relationship between grower and chef while fostering direct community involvement around the meal, which is Montalvo’s mission.  Michael Pollan said in a recent NY Times article, “a wood-burning oven is the center of social gravity.”

Concreteworks has been hired to fabricate a custom Nido Oven for Montalvo.  Nido Ovens are composed of several parts, the inner shell being a predefined dimension made out of refractory concrete and the exterior shell is flexible in geometry and cladding.  The oven for Montalvo will be slightly different than the classic Nido Oven pictured below, and the color is inspired by the stone wall.  The oven will be installed this November.

Rock wall surrounding the outdoor eating area, color inspiration for the new oven.

Montalvo’s oven in progress

Outdoor seating area

Classic Nido Oven

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The SF Giants had a big win last Sunday, making it to the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. Tonight they are playing the Atlanta Braves.  Got your shirts?  Check out Mayberry Workshop, started by our very own Concreteworks Project Manager, Adam Mayberry and his brother Benjamin.

Mayberry Workshop makes original designs that play off the culture of the sports teams in the Bay Area.  They currently have 12 different designs for sale on their website featuring different local teams – not just baseball.  The most popular shirts right now are “Bay Area Die Hards” and “Big Time Timmy Jim,” a reference to star pitcher Tim Lincecum in an ESPN commercial.  The shirts are printed locally at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Adam and Benjamin Mayberry started their small venture a few years ago out of their love for design and local sports teams.  Designers by trade, they saw a need for good quality design in fan based apparel, AND the opportunity to make people aware of the freelance work they do in architecture and graphic design.

MW is gearing up for hockey season and will have women’s Sharks t-shirts in a couple weeks.  Mayberry Workshop is also making new Concreteworks t-shirts.

If you want a shirt for tonight’s game, contact Adam.  He will be at Concreteworks in Oakland from 9-5.

Concreteworks has a new website, check it out.

Mark Rogero is back in Oakland after lecturing at Columbia University.   Keith Kaseman, architect and professor in the Architecture, Planning and Preservation Department, asked Mark to be a guest lecturer for the seminar + workshop he’s teaching this semester called ‘Concrete Obsessions.’   Students have been required to cast one form per week researching process, investigating finishes, textures, dimensional properties, concrete mixes, behaviors and utility of concrete casting….all captured on the class blog.  It was a great opportunity for students to get feedback on their semester long projects.  Mark also had a chance to discuss our most recent work and experiments, as well as the day-to-day activities that take place in our Oakland studio.

Mark and Keith have worked together on several projects including the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

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photos of student work

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Concreteworks at SOEX

September 23, 2009


We are excited to announce our partnership with SOEX. Southern Exposure , the nearly 35 year community arts organization is well underway on the construction of their new home at Alabama Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. In collaboration with SOEX architect Rick Johnson and Executive Director Courtney Fink we  designed and fabricated a custom bathroom sink for the new gallery. The official SOEX Public Grand Opening + Block Party + Bellwether Opening  will be October 17th. Check out the details here and enjoy the artful sink.

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